morocco: from marrakech to the sahara retreat.

An all inclusive retreat package for yoga teachers and private groups, that takes you from Marrakech to the golden dunes of the Sahara Desert. On the road, you will pass through the snow capped Atlas Mountains, date palm oasis, and historic kasbahs. The 8 night retreat starts and ends in Marrakech. 

It takes you through an ancient caravan route, with a lot of natural and historic sights like, the kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, Ourzazate, the Todra Gorges, Dades of course the dunes of the Merzouga desert, where you will spend some nights. 

Please get in touch for the detailed itinerary. 

Sahara yoga retreat

Have you ever thought about the wonders a Sahara yoga retreat could offer you? It’s a different adventure that will lead you to experience new things.

At Breathspiration, we give you the opportunity to experience this journey firsthand, where you can explore the Sahara, one of the most precious jewels of this world.

Of course, the main ingredient of the trip is the discipline of yoga, which accompanies all travelers throughout the adventure. It’s the perfect formula to disconnect from real life!

The mind and body are connected, so the exercises shown by the yoga instructors blend with the magic of the surroundings to provide you with an unforgettable week.

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What the Sahara Yoga Retreat Involves

When we talk about the Sahara yoga retreat, we refer to one of our services focused on exploring the culture of yoga alongside a group of inexperienced people.

Additionally, there is a group of specialized yoga teachers who attend to the group of travelers, aiming to teach all the secrets of yoga and the most amazing places in Morocco.

We assure you that this yoga retreat is designed to show you the beauty of the golden dunes of the Sahara, as well as many other historical sites and natural landscapes that will leave you speechless.

If you accept this journey, you should know that we have many other options that can delight your senses. Did you know that our list of trips also includes the best yoga retreat in Italy?

Main Features of the Sahara Yoga Retreat

Before explaining each of the main features of the Sahara yoga retreat, you should know that it is a retreat package attended by private groups and experienced yoga teachers.

The trip is unbeatable; from Marrakech to the golden dunes of the Sahara Desert. You can enjoy it at any time!

There are all kinds of striking landscapes that you will never forget, such as the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. There are also date palm oases and historic kasbahs.

Will you miss the opportunity to experience the 8 best days of your life?

Retreat Details

We will show you the components of the Sahara yoga retreat, where you can explore the ancient caravan route used for current trips.

From the kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou to the Todra Gorges, among many other historical places. You can spend some nights in the dunes of the Merzouga desert, an unforgettable place!


The accommodation for the yoga retreat consists of 8 unforgettable nights where you can meet other yoga enthusiasts, starting the journey from Marrakech.

The nights are divided into different segments; 4 nights in a riad in the medina of Marrakech, followed by 2 nights in a luxury camp and the last two days in a mountain villa.

All this can be yours by booking our service!


The first day of the Sahara yoga retreat begins with a warm welcome and dinner. During days 2 to 4, you will explore Marrakech, including guided tours of the medina, shopping in local markets, rooftop yoga classes, and culinary experiences.

Days 5 and 6 are dedicated to traveling to the Agafay Desert, with activities such as guided hikes, sunset yoga, optional camel rides, and relaxation at the camp.

On days 7 and 8, travelers will be transferred to the Atlas Mountains, where they will stay in a mountain villa, participate in guided hikes, meet a Berber family, join yoga classes, and attend a closing ceremony.

Day 9 concludes with breakfast and transfers to the airport. Do you have any doubts that this is the best adventure in the world?

sahara retreat yoga

Enjoy the Activities of the Sahara Yoga Retreat

As you have seen in the itinerary of the Sahara yoga retreat, you will have multiple entertainment activities to enhance your holiday experience.

These activities include:

  • Daily yoga and meditation classes with all kinds of exercises, guided by excellent instructors.
  • Guided hikes along a caravan route in the desert and mountains.
  • Cultural visits to the region’s most tourist sites, local markets, and kasbahs.
  • An unforgettable Moroccan cuisine experience with local chefs.
  • Souvenir shopping in stores with mementos.

Benefits of the Sahara Yoga Retreat

Wondering about the benefits of the Sahara yoga retreat? We assure you that there are numerous advantages waiting for you, which we present below.

  • Private transportation during the eight days of travel through the Sahara.
  • Local guides along the route and certified yoga instructors for the trip.
  • Meals included throughout the journey, with vegetarian and vegan options for special diets.
  • Yoga materials such as mats or support blocks provided by our team.
  • Airport accompaniment for the return journey.

If you want to acquire these benefits as soon as possible, contact our team and inquire without obligation!

Price of the Sahara Retreat

At Breathspiration, we are aware that people who want to travel cannot always afford a trip with all the comforts, so we have worked hard to offer you a Sahara yoga retreat at an affordable cost.

We include transportation, yoga classes, food, and many other aspects so you can enjoy the comforts and the experience without wasting time with unnecessary worries.

Breathspiration Offers You the Best Yoga Retreat in the Sahara

If you are eager to get a direct ticket to Marrakech, it’s time to opt for the Sahara yoga retreat service we offer at Breathspiration.

You are just one step away from experiencing a unique week!

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